Transitional Living Services

The agency operates a six bed separate living unit for clients who have completed treatment and life skills and are preparing to move to more independent living outside the agency. While continuing with on-campus individual, group and cognitive therapy as well as continuing with community based employment and/or educational programs, Transitional Living Clients have intense case management provided daily in their living units to assist with

  • maintaining a clean and safe living environment
  • purchase and preparation of all foods consumed except on Sundays when eating out
  • mobility for getting to work, social, religious, and community based leisure time activities.


$6600 to $4200 based on the level of continuing individual, family, and group therapies.

Clients must successfully complete treatment and life skills programs before being admitted to Transitional Living.


Admissions: 713-815-4846
Main Office: 713-524-8705
Fax: 713-521-0748