Ongoing Care Services

The Ongoing Care Program of The Co-op is designed for clients (and families) who seek a safe and secure, as well as nurturing and challenging living opportunity for adults with mental illness who have demonstrate a lack of ability to function well on their own, who may or may not be compliant with medications and structure in their lives and who can respond positively to supervised and supportive living in a group setting. Most adults admitted to Ongoing Care Services have experienced mental illness for longer than 7-9 years and are not considered suitable candidates for treatment services.

Ongoing Care is provided for both the group of clients who cannot tolerate even part time work and for those who can function in protected work opportunities (on or off campus). Clients in Life Skills have access to all the supportive group and cognitive programs of the agency to increase tolerance and skills for further growth. Clients in Ongoing Care who do not include life skills services are provided with a structured activities based program of social interaction within the community.

There is no time frame for clients residency in Ongoing Care. When appropriate assistance is provided to clients and families to allow them to move to other protected living settings that may be economically or logistically better suited.


For Ongoing Care Only
$4200 to $5400 per month

For Ongoing Care WITH Life Skills
$5400 to $6600 per month

There can be direct admission to Ongoing Care with the first month fee for assessment of $6600. Or clients can transfer from other programs directly to Life Skills with no additional assessment fee.


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Main Office: 713-524-8705
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