Life Skills Services

The Life Skills Programs of The Co-op are designed to provide practical skills needed for adults with mental illness to move into their maximum level of independent social/emotional/sexual functioning. The program is generally integrated into the treatment program of clients who have the capacity to tolerate the stress of employment, self-care, and more independent living. In selected instances, the life skills program will be modified to accommodate to clients who lack potential skills in more independent living but might benefit from productive part time work or volunteer/leisure time activities.

The Life Skills Program assesses existing and potential capabilities of the adult involved with emphasis on

  • developing structured times for productive work and/or volunteer activities
  • developing specific skills in areas of budgeting, maintaining living spaces, negotiating with vendors/landlords and creating interests outside the home for positive leisure time opportunities
  • monitoring and consulting with outside employment trials to determine individualized needs and corrective training
  • assisting to develop self assessment skills so the adult involved can understand and seek assistance with stressors in social and work interactions.
  • providing protective and supportive work opportunities on-campus and off-campus to assist clients to move forward at their own pace

Life Skills involves both the individual counselor, the life skills and sobriety coaches, and case managers to intervene and assist with monitoring progress and regression.


Life Skills Services are usually integrated into the treatment program once assessment is complete and the fees range from $8400 a month to an ongoing, extended fee of $6600 to $4200 per month.

Clients cannot be admitted directly into the Life Skills Program. They must complete and maintain their Treatment Level Services before referral to Life Skills.


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