Life Skills Services

Life Skills is a type of individualized treatment plan for a client who needs to develop specific skills to prepare he or she for independent living outside a residential setting.


  • money management
  • maintaining sobriety (if applicable)
  • housekeeping and food preparation skills
  • employment skills including how to secure work, how to use supervision and training to increase job skills, etc
  • time management, including developing positive leisure time interests
  • social and relationship skills to prepare for living with roommates, developing and maintaining appropriate social and sexual relationships

Clients in Life Skills average 18 months in a combined on-campus and off-campus exploration of work and schooling/training. Daily programming includes individual and group counseling, work with case managers in exploring vocational training and job opportunities, communal shopping and cooking for meals, communal chores for living units.

Clients usually transition to the agency Independent Living program during their tenure in Life Skills and eventually discharge to independent living separate from the agency. Many pursue college or other training programs that may have been interrupted by the onset or exacerbation of their mental illness.


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