Intensive Treatment Services

For clients who are needing to develop insight and skill in managing a major mental illness and its impact on their social and emotional development, the agency provides an ongoing intensive treatment program composed of individual and family and group therapies, cognitive and behavioral therapies and introduction of positive leisure time and productive time skills.

An average day for clients in this program will include work on mind/body factors through meditation, yoga and related modalities.

In addition there would be cognitive classes such as DBT, CET, CBT. Individual work would be scheduled several times a week plus process groups throughout the week.

mental-health-treatmentClients can participate in outings, activities, the agency on-campus work program (for pay) and other services. Psychiatric consultation and medication management will be an integral part of this program.

Average length of stay in intensive treatment is 90 plus days for clients with primary issues of stabilization metabolic/biologic problems. For clients with personality disorders or long term behavioral disorders, clients may remain in intensive treatment an average of 14 months.

Clients may leave Intensive Treatment for:

  • discharge to home or other residential or treatment care, usually outpatient ongoing counseling services
  • transfer to Life Skills services of the agency to prepare for school, independent living or work
  • transfer to Ongoing Care if determined to be a non-responder to treatment and still in need of protective living
  • transfer to Independent Living provided by the agency with continued outpatient use of the agency for counseling and sobriety or related problems.


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