Adults in Transition Service

This unique program provides a re-start for the older client whose mental illness may have an onset later in life or where the illness has disrupted relationships or work experiences. Thus, nearly all of the participants in this program have some adult life successes – many have been married and reared children; many have had long term employment histories; many find themselves abandoned through death divorce or severity of mental illness from lives previously providing them with social/emotional and sexual outlets.

Most residents in this program are over age 40, although some younger adults participate. The program focuses on providing individual and group counseling, expanded social opportunities with off campus socialization being a major component of the program.

The program participates in off campus bowling leagues, theatre attending groups, visits to art galleries and other social experiences.

Many clients remain for extended (over two year) stays in the Adults in Transition program with most common reasons for leaving being:

  • return to independent living in the community, either with family or with new formed social support systems (including frequent pairing with participants in the Adults in Transition program
  • move to the agency Independent Living Program, remaining a participant in the Adults in Transition programming of the agency plus creating new and more independent social supports.


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