Programs of Service Fee Schedule


A 60 to 90 day program for intensive individual and family therapy – with multiple sessions per week – may include history of substance abuse/dual diagnosis issues, but must have primary mental health diagnosis.

$12,500 a month for first two months (requires two month advance payment of $25,000) – this includes all therapy, room and board, activities, and psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring. Medication costs are separate.


This is a category for clients who need no clinical or rehabilitation services and who are designated to live in The Co-op residential program for over 90 days, preferably indefinite care. Age range can be from 18 to 70 at admission. To enter this program area, clients with a history of drug and alcohol use must be sober for 90 days and active in a 12 step program off campus and/or enroll in a 12 step/sober living program offered on campus. Clients with substance abuse history within past 90 days must be admitted to Life Skills or Adults in Transition program units, or may enter treatment services.

On-going care includes medication management and meals. This program also offers 24 hour supervision on the main campus. This program does not include any clinical services. The fee for on-going care is $4,200 per month.

Med/Psych option – Med/Psych is an on-going care option for clients who’s physical needs may be above the traditional needs required. This may include chronic medical conditions that our facility can accommodate. We are not able to provide acute medical care however. Med/Psych includes a specific number of beds on our main campus. Support for the option is staffed by a LVN on staff. Units are located on first floor only.

Clients or families may apply for scholarship assistance after successful completion of 90 days of treatment or their respective program areas.


Direct admission to adults in transition program – first month on campus and then may be moved to appropriate living – near campus but may live off campus in privately rented apartments in area after first 90 days of care.

Criteria includes:

  • over 40 years of age or completion of 5 years of residential care
  • some experience/success in independent living, work, or relationships (may have been married, have children, had career, etc).
$6,600 a month for first six months and if stable and shows reduced need for clinical services, may have fee reduced to $4,200 at any time after first six months. Fee does not include psychiatrist costs.

Direct admission by permission only.


Clients live in an unsupervised roommate-based home one block from our campus. The staff do make daily property checks to the campus for safety. Medication management and meals are included along with one program outing per week. The monthly fee is $3,200 per month. Extra fees apply to any cooperative resident who would like additional services.


Units can be located on or off campus. This program includes medication management and meals. The monthly fee for this program is $3,200 minimum (excludes any additional services).


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