Our Facilities

All new admissions are to one of the supervised living units and residents remain in these units until compliant with treatment, behavioral expectations and able to manage leisure time in a positive way.

Several of the units are designated supportive living units for clients who have stabilized while in the supervised program and can function in less restricted living situations.

The supportive living unit focuses on the resident taking increasing responsibility for time management, life skills in preparation for independent living and managing medications and their illness in general.

The agency also provides a program of independent living where residents live in apartment complexes within a two block radius of the main campus, coming to campus for treatment services, meals and activities as well as the agency work program. These units are divided into sub-populations also and include ongoing care independent living units – residents who make this their “home” and remain with the agency for unlimited times – currently average length of time 14 years plus short term treatment clients who want to extend their program while going to school, getting jobs, etc.

Finally, the agency also has a small rural farm program currently headed by our founder, Grover Shaunty. This program is currently selected for residents who may have addition issues or may be stalled in their current therapeutic treatment plan.

The farm program includes a beautiful home with staff supervision, meals and medication management, equine therapy, individual therapy, and a work-program that revolves around the eclectic variety of wildlife currently inhabiting the farm.

This multiple unit/multiple focus campus provides an opportunity for progressive/regressive management of residents under the agency care. Residents who progress in their treatment can move to less restrictive supervision; clients in distress in more independent or supportive living can be moved back to supervised living until a crisis is resolved.