I’m here for myself

Welcome. We know that finding a supportive healing community can be hard to do especially in times of crisis. It’s helpful to know that this community in the historic arts district of Houston was founded over 50 years ago but one of the prominent psychotherapists of Houston, Grover Shaunty.

‏He created a communal living space for adults to work together along with supportive staff and clinical team to promote healing and growth. That can mean stabilizing medications to cognitive behavioral therapy to psychotherapy. It also means programs like “Adults in Transition”, an innovative program for adults older than 35 who believe that integrating an active city/social life should be part of communal living. It also could mean an active life-skill approach which would include budgeting, social-relation skills, training for employment including our on-campus work program, among other options.

‏We hope you will consider our urban healing community for your recovery and growth at this challenging time. For more information, please leave us an email or call admissions at (713) 524-8705.


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