I’m here as a treatment provider

Hello and thank you for your interest in The Mental Health Co-op. As you know, the need for mental health services in the United States far exceeds the services available so thank you for what you do and for your interest in us.
‏At The Mental Health Co-op in Houston, we believe that healing and growth can take place in a positive communal caring environment with support and hard work. As an agency, we’ve worked with adults with mental issues for over 50 years through the guidance of it’s founder, Grover Shaunty, a prominent psychotherapist in the Southwest.

‏We provide in-patient care with a full clinical program schedule of dedicated clinicians and staff. Medication management, meals including our popular “alternative meals option” for healthy diets, outing varieties such as weekly exposure to the rich arts scene here, and promotion of healthy exercises including mind/body work are just some of what the Co-op is today.

‏If you have specific questions regarding our residential community such as availability, please contact the admissions coordinator, Chase A. Walding, at (713) 524-8705 or via email at chasew@thementalhealthco-op.com.


Admissions: 713-815-4846
Main Office: 713-524-8705
Fax: 713-521-0748