Programs Offered

Assessment / Intensive Treatment (Point of Entry)

All clients are initially assessed as intensive treatment unless otherwise assigned by the admissions director. Programming includes intensive psychotherapy and adjunctive therapies, daily groups, cognitive classes with emphasis on CET, DBT related therapies. Because we often accept complex referrals, the typical treatment period per client is 6 months to 1 year. Treatment of this nature could include schizo-affective, bi-polar, dual-diagnosis, borderline personality disorder, etc.

Adults in Transition Program

This unique program provides a re-start for the older client whose mental illness may have an onset later in life or where the illness has disrupted relationships or work experiences. Most residents in this program are over age 40, although some younger adults participate. The program focuses on providing individual and group counseling. Expanded social opportunities with off campus socialization is a major component of the program.

Life-Skills Treatment Planning (Primarily at Fulshear Farm – see below)

We also offer life-skill based treatment plans for the 18 – 30 age group population. Life Skills development is integrated into the individual treatment plan with a targeted focus on the client who needs to develop specific skills to prepare him or her for independent living and eventual productive lives outside a residential setting.

On-going Care Programming (Various)

Our on-going care program may be of particular relevance with reference to your Hope program. We designed this model as an option for both high functioning and lower functioning adults. For example, a client may choose to continue with the Adults in Transition program for multiple years with on-going support. This could also be true with life skills planning. Finally, for lower functioning adults, we have a continued support model in which we provide lifetime care for those you cannot move toward a more independent level of living outside of residential care. Combined with our med/psych option, this allows residents to stay in the same care program as they progress later in life. A total of 30 beds within the agency are designated for this level of care.

CET – Cognitive Enhancement Therapy

CET, or Cognitive Enhancement Therapy, is a cognitive rehabilitation program designed by CET Cleveland. Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET) is an Evidence-Based Practice designed to help people with schizophrenia and related cognitive disorders improve brain and cognitive development, social cognition, and increase vocational capabilities. We are one of the very few sites in the Southwest that offer this model of therapy. The program includes a 48 week rotation of cognitive re-training provided by a fully defined curriculum. Our clinicians are CET trained coaches on site.

Fulshear Farm (LIfe-skills and retreat component)

We have an optional rural care program completely separate from the main campus in the Montrose area. This program is located just outside Katy in the town of Fulshear. It includes a small seven bed housing unit which allows clients the separation from the urban access to issues relating to substance abuse, or large campus stimulation. The farm program offers opportunities for equine and animal care therapy along with individual and group therapy.

Dual Diagnosis Program

With equal emphasis on both sobriety and lesser harm use programming, this very individualized program for the adult with mental illness and substance abuse has been successful in developing life skills, sobriety support, and enhanced cognition when combined with our treatment and cognitive therapy programming.

Independent Living Program

With 16 living units (individual apartments or shared housing), the agency provides its own step down services for clients completing treatment and other levels of care. Residents have their own support staff, common meal and activity areas, on campus and off campus work programs, and continued support with individual therapy, sobriety counseling and access to CET.


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