Our Staff


Grover C. Shaunty, MSW – Founding Director

Graduate of Florida State University. 49 years experience as clinical social worker/psychotherapist with the mentally ill. In the 1960s, Grover developed a model of cognitive therapy with the young adult mentally ill, designed to increase awareness of the impact of the illnesses on social/emotional functioning.

One of the major impacts of this work is to reduce anxiety associated with newly diagnosed schizophrenia, schizo-affective, bi-polar, and related disorders. The combination of guided cognitive awareness, living in a relative stress free, open campus environment and access to ongoing supportive therapy has allowed thousands of clients to return to as near normal social and work environments as their illnesses will permit


Chase Walding, M.Ed – Director of Adults in Transition

Graduate of the University of Houston – Victoria, Masters in Education with concentration in Counseling, Chase began working with students with mental and emotional disorders as a special education teacher for two years. He then moved to San Antonio for a two year period to work as a High School Counselor for a private school in north central San Antonio. In 2012, Chase moved to Houston to join the Mental Health Co-op as a clinical therapist and was named Director of Adults in Transition in 2014.

Chase’s interests include the interconnection of mind/body/spirit and the creative pursuit of self-discovery within this interconnection. He provides training in mindfulness meditation, introductory flow yoga, exploration of healing literature as a group process, poetry, and musical exploration and improvisation. He works with individual, group, and family units to build a cohesive team for the betterment and growth of the individual client. Chase takes a keen interest in higher development of self to explore and discover meaning especially within the older adult population.

Mohammad Rizvi

Mohammad Rizvi, MHA, MBA – Chief Financial Officer

Graduate from University of Houston – Clear Lake, Masters in Business Administration and Master in Health Administration. Mohammad has a history of working in healthcare administration. He has previously gained experience working in a nursing home in Houston for medical records department. He then interned at a home hospice company in Chicago in the Summer of 2013.

Mohammad started working at The Mental Health Co-op on August 2013 where he started off as an Administrator. In March of 2015 he was promoted to CFO for the company.


Dewey Paris, LCSW – Clinical Director

Graduate of the University of Houston, School of Social Work, Dewey entered the profession as a second career, bringing maturity and experience of the work world to his work with the adult mentally ill. Dewey’s interest in addictions, co-dependency, and behavioral interventions in maladaptive behavior patterns has led him to develop specific programs of care at The Mental Health Co-op.

Coupled with cognitive therapy, individual and family work, as well as extensive use of group processes, Dewey provides individualized treatment planning within the agency for clients with significant self destructive patterns of behaviors. This group includes the dual diagnosed with substance abuse issues as well as clients with developmental disorders related to Asperger’s, mild retardation, OCD, Borderline and Narcissistic Disorders, and Anti-Social Personality Disorders.

Rosalind Smith

Rosalind Smith, PhD, LPC-S – Coordinator of Family Services/Psychotherapist/Supervisor of Internship Programming

Rosalind received her PhD in Counseling Education and Supervision from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Tx. Her education also includes a master’s in Counseling Psychology from Tarleton State University. A masters from Texas A&M-Commerce in Education Administration and bachelors from Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas. Rosalind entered the mental health profession as a second career from serving 18 years in public education as a former principal. She currently holds a license as a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor with several years of experience with working with children, adults and families. Rosalind also mentor and teach master level student clinicians, who are working to become fully license. On her spare time Rosalind enjoys crab-fishing in Galveston, driving her classic 64 ½ convertible mustang and traveling abroad annually. The things that she is most passionate about is her faith, family, being authentic in her profession and providing the best customer services to the people she serve.


Jessica A. Brodie – B.S. Psychology – Director or Dual Diagnosis, Sobriety Coach

Graduate of the University of Houston – Clear Lake, Bachelor of Science with focus on Abnormal Psychology & Addiction. Before graduation, Jessica worked as an intern for The Mental Health Co-Op with heavy participation in the CET (Cognitive Enhancement Training) program and began working with the dual diagnosis population.

‏Upon graduation in December of 2012, Jessica was hired full time as a Sobriety Coach and was directed to create a Dual Diagnosis Program for the population of residents with substance abuse issues. Through this program, three chronic clients have fully recovered from drug and alcohol abuse and are in the maintenance portion of their recovery, while currently nine others are participating in the program and are no longer active users.

‏Jessica’s interests include helping others realize that they can help themselves. She is very motivating, results oriented and patient. As the Director of Dual Diagnosis, she understands and takes pride in that she is working with a very special population of adults with mental illness and addiction, and does not expect groundbreaking changes overnight, but instead a steady progress measured by client’s behaviors, realizations and desire to move forward.

‏Jessica’s personal interests include Texas Ice Hockey, staying physically active, the outdoors, volunteering, gardening, the beach and spending time with her nine year old son, fourteen year old daughter and husband.

Jared Kruger

Jared Kruger – Coordinator, Court Diversion Programming/Psychotherapist

I attended Sam Houston State University and received a bachelor’s of science in Criminal Justice. I worked two summers as an intern which helped me develop a passion to help adults with Mental Illness. I returned to The Mental Health Co-op full time to start a diversion program to reduce recidivism.

Jerimiko Boston

Jerimiko Boston – Coordinator, Life Skills and Employment Services

Karisa Foster

Karisa Foster – Weekday Campus Supervisor

I began working at The Mental Health Co-op on May 2003.
My job duties include integrating the residents in the work program, scheduling doctor’s appointments, and daily management of resident care. I work directly with residents on making sure they are focused on their treatment goals and therapeutic growth. My interests include helping motivate the residents to realize that they can help themselves, providing them with the tools for them to grow, and being there for them when they require support.

Renee Risher

Renee Risher – Administrative Assistant to Administrator/Billing Specialist

Graduate from the University of Houston Main Campus with a Bachelors in Business Administration in Accounting (2012) and a Certified Medical Billing Specialist (2014). I have over 16 years of experience as an executive assistant and bookkeeper. I have 3 years of experience as a medical billing specialist.  I have worked in the mental health field since 2009. I have worked with this agency on and off since 2011. I am currently working on MSACCY (Master of Science in Accountancy) also from the University of Houston Main Campus.